Since I was already enthusiastic about science fiction as a child, this genre also clinches itself again and again in my art. The scanned dust on a deep black background is not unlike a supernova. Earth captures about 30,000 tons of cosmic dust a year. Without the stardust, planets cannot form. I believe that science fiction works as utopia and shows us possibilities for today.

Quasars were discovered in 1963 by Maarten Schmidt, when he discovered bright, distant cosmic objects resembling stars.

Quasars are black holes at the centers of very distant galaxies. Because there was no name for them, Schmidt called them "quasi-stellar radio sources," which gave rise to the term quasar.

Since this observation in 1963, thousands of quasars have been identified. These objects existed only in the early days of the universe, but they are still visible today because light takes so long to travel these enormous distances.

The individual titles of the Quasar series are composed of the names of the constellations that suggest a figure when viewed.